CBF is dedicated to demonstrating and teaching our principle of “Helping others, help others” in communities across the country.  By focusing on our children and young adults we are able to create a positive epidemic of change. We aim to break the vicious cycles and trends that have caused many of our children to lose faith in themselves and in the American dream. We are here to set the example and to teach through our actions and not just our words. It is our goal to help children find their purpose earlier in life, by acknowledging their gifts and showing them how the use their gifts to make a difference.

By recognizing the talents and gifts of our young people, we are able to help them discover why they are special and a vital part of the future of our nation. We need your help! Please join our movement. We encourage you to explore our website further to learn more about us. If you believe in what we stand for please purchase a hat or T-shirt or give us any contribution you care to give. If you would like to organize with us, please give us a call of send us an email.